Posted by: graceunbound | March 27, 2008

Refresh – Part III – Lock yourself in the bathroom

Today is spa day! I must issue a bit of a disclaimer; I have never set foot inside an actual spa. The closest I’ve ever come has been getting my hair cut at a place that offers spa services as well as haircuts. When I was pregnant with our second child my husband told me that for Mother’s Day he was getting me a gift certificate to a lady who specialized in prenatal massage, but he just hadn’t gotten around to setting it up yet. He never did get around to setting it up, and then we moved and it fell way down the list of priorities. I don’t hold it against him though (although maybe the fact that four years later I still remember it indicates a little latent bitterness); he gives great backrubs himself and will usually provide one if I ask. This is apparently somewhat rare, the spouse who gives backrubs without complaining. At any rate, I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of spa treatments on an intimate basis.

But this is your quick and easy day for finding ways to refresh. The first two days were a little intense, a little more introspective because true refreshing comes from within, from making changes to our lives. Some days, however, I don’t want introspection. I want easy, girly, relaxing comfort. And I don’t want to have to pay a year’s worth of clothing allowance to do it. If you can afford a trip to a day spa, by all means do it (and then tell us what it’s like). Better yet, go to one of those mega-exclusive week long spas like Canyon Ranch and then report back to us!

For the rest of us we will just have to forgo the celebrity sightings and fluffy white robes for what we have at our disposal. So gather your ratty old robe (unless you have a fluffy white one at your disposal…I happen to have a fluffy purple one that terrifies my three year old for some odd reason), some scented candles, some light reading, and the ingredients for your treatments. Tell your husband you will miss him, but he and the children are on their own for the next hour or two. Then go into the bathroom and LOCK THE DOOR! If you do not lock the door, you will almost certainly be interrupted while you have goo spread all over your face by a four year old yelling “Mom! I have to pee! EWWWW! What is that gross stuff you have on your face?” This will ruin your spa experience fairly quickly.

 You could go out and buy some ready-made facial treatments. But if money is tight, or if you just want to experiment a bit, here are a few websites with homemade suggestions for spa treatments and facials.

I don’t know about you, but I think that chocolate facial from WebMD sounds pretty awesome!

So fill the tub (add a few drops of essential oil), have fun with a facial, relax with your book, and hopefully you will emerge feeling a bit more fresh and renewed!

Next up…wrapping it all up, refresh by being plugged in.


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