Posted by: graceunbound | April 23, 2008

Why we REALLY have children…

My husband is staying home with Indy this morning because I have an appointment and need to get some work done. (Thus, this is a really short, fluffy post.) Or rather, the plan WAS for him to stay home, until he saw my printout listing from this weeks gigantic rummage sale. More specifically, when he saw the house listing ‘excellent Lego sets for sale’. Apparently the only thing that can entice my husband to a rummage sale is the thought of cheap Legos. He claims he’s buying them for the boys, but I know who they’re really for! Why else would the Lego aisle in the store lure him in every single time? Why else would he be able to tell me exactly what sets they have and how much they cost? So he and Indy are headed off to hunt for Legos. I have a feeling they may pick up a few other ‘must have’ toys along the way.

That’s the great thing about having kids though, it gives you license to do kid stuff and act goofy and no one raises an eyebrow. Or at least if they do, you’re too busy playing to notice.


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