Posted by: graceunbound | May 22, 2008

I’m still here…

Ahh, summer vacation. When I was a kid it meant three months of freedom. Ok, it also meant three months of weed pulling, lawn mowing, and helping in the garden, all culminating in weeks of canning and freezing that had me swearing I would NEVER have a garden and I would NEVER can or freeze anything when I was an adult.

So it makes perfect sense that this year I planted a garden. Gardening is not relaxing for someone with perfectionist tendencies. Once those plants are in the ground there is very little I can do to make them grow and produce. Oh, I could read lots of garding books and spend hours amending soil and weeding and hoeing. But I’m a lazy perfectionist with two children. I’d rather just stick the plants in the ground and then commence worrying that nothing will actually grow and our neighbors will hate the ugly rectangle of clumpy dirt that they have to stare at all summer.

So, between putting in the garden and dealing with the chaos of the first week of summer vacation, I haven’t had much time to post. I will try to pick back up again (for those few of you who read my blog regularly, and amazingly enough I think there are a few who do).

Until then, I’ll leave you with this question. Was there anything you hated to do as a child that as you matured you realized actually made sense? Like gardening makes sense because fresh tomatoes are not even in the same league as their pale and tasteless grocery store cousins.

I’m finding the same is true of living as a Christian. As a new Christian sometimes the idea of regular prayer and really studying the Bible doesn’t make sense. After all, don’t we go to church to have somebody tell us that stuff anyway? Sermons are the grocery store tomato, packaged and processed to sell to the masses. Acceptable. Containing vitamins. But pale in comparison to personal revelation gleaned from digging in the Word yourself. (Somewhere my pastor is saying “Did she just compare me to a tomato? Does she think my sermons are tasteless and dull?” Yes, I compared you to a tomato, and no, I don’t think your sermons are tasteless and dull.) The more I study, the more time I spend in prayer, the more it makes sense to do so.

Maybe I should have stopped with the question. What have you learned as you matured? (Spiritually OR physically!)




  1. I share your pastor, and would say he’s more of a Chilean insanity pepper. 🙂

  2. 🙂 True, true. But Chilean insanity pepper didn’t really fit in my analogy! (Which I was somewhat stretching anyhow.) 🙂

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