Posted by: graceunbound | June 3, 2008

Obama has pushed me over the edge

Truly, this isn’t a political post, this is just a momentary vent because I need to take a break. There’s a remarkable lack of grace when people start discussing politics and I really don’t want to go there.

But I just unleashed my own remarkable lack of grace on some poor woman on the phone calling to remind me one last time to go vote for Obama in the primary today. At least I hope it’s one last time. I should have kept count, it might have been interesting, but I am fairly sure they have called me no less than twenty times in the past week. In the past two days they have left FOUR door hangers on our door. At least most of the time they didn’t bother knocking. At least the guy today was amused by my boys dashing about wildly in their super-hero capes. But really, four identical door hangers in two days time? Organize yourselves, people, redundancy is not your friend when it comes to people like me.

And so that brings me to twenty minutes ago. You know you’ve behaved badly when your six-year-old stares at you wide-eyed and says, “Mommy, you were not very nice to that person, you said a bad thing.” (I want it noted, I did NOT curse, I simply yelled.)

I would have been fine, really I would have. I would have laughed and told her I’d already done my duty and terrorized the polling place with my boys. But she called while I was trying to make supper, bake granola, AND mop up the milk that Indy had just spilled while the spinach for the veggie burritos burned in the skillet. Why did I answer the phone? Because in desperation I was hoping it would be my husband and I could beg him to hurry home. Because I needed another human to keep me sane. Obama woman was not it. And I unleashed on her with both barrels.

So, somewhere out there is an Obama campaigner who didn’t get shown much (ok, ANY) grace from me today. I’m truly sorry. I know you’ll never read this blog, but I lost my head for a moment. Please accept my heartfelt apology. I’m still tired of you guys calling, but really, I’m sorry I yelled.

God, give me the grace to keep my temper even when it seems like there won’t be any consequences to losing it.


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