Posted by: graceunbound | June 5, 2008

Too good to pass up

I don’t do contests. Seriously, I just don’t. None of the contests, or ‘pass it on’s’ that float around the blogosphere. Because I (insert serious, snooty voice) am a writer. OK, stop laughing. I’m trying to be one, ok? And if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m trying not to take myself too seriously. (The crazy self-inflicted henna tattoos on my hands are proof of that today, I look like I have some strange skin condition, not the beautiful flowery design I was going for.) But today I have nothing to write about because I’m here with a throat that feels like I swallowed fire and a pounding head, trying to get some work done.

Being a good little OCD person though, I must check on all the blogs I frequent just to see if they’ve updated in the last day. Or the last few hours. This is why my list of blogs I frequent is short.

Anyhow, over at Rocks In My Dryer she has a contest going on. And all I have to do is post a link to the WOW Hits 1 CD. So, being short on stuff to talk about, and really, really liking the remote possibility of winning a huge honkin’ set of CD’s, here is the link: . There. Ta-da! Now it’s just me against several hundred other bloggers, all eager for the same set of CD’s.

Next time I’ll be more thought provoking; really I will. But now I’m going to drink some OJ and go to bed.


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