Posted by: graceunbound | June 30, 2008


I know I’m not keeping up with this as much as I would like, the past few days have just left me physically and mentally tired. I haven’t been able to sustain a coherent thought for long at all, barely enough to get my work done, certainly not enough to write challenging and thoughtful blog posts. I have spikes of energy, but most of the time I want to just curl up and sleep. (In fact, this morning, AFTER a shower, AFTER my coffee, I still managed to lie down on our bed with Indy and fall fast asleep, so deeply asleep that my wonderful husband managed to take a picture of me snuggling Indy without my even realizing it.) If I thought I could get away with it I’m pretty sure I’d be asleep right now.

I’ll get up off my chair in a bit and find something to do, there’s always weeds to be pulled and that will hopefully wake me up.

But I leave you with this thought; when you get spiritually tired, where does your renewed energy come from? Is it tempting to just say “Oh, I’ll take a break, God, just a little nap to get a break from you.” Or does your renewed energy come from getting up off your metaphorical rear and DOING something? Something to think about.


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