Posted by: graceunbound | July 14, 2008

Waiting for Daddy

Lately Gates has been missing his dad during the long hours that he is away at work. Around 3:00 in the afternoon he starts asking when Daddy will be home. Sometimes he will go out and sit in the front yard to wait for him. Just sitting there, waiting, watching in the direction he knows Daddy will come from. Last week I made the mistake of calling my husband to see how close he was, and upon finding out he was only a few minutes away I told Gates that he could go down to the end of the street to wait.

Today at around 4:00 Gates asked if he could go outside. I said of course, thinking how great it was that he was actually asking to play outside, something I usually have to coax him into doing. After about ten to fifteen minutes had passed I peeked out into the backyard to see how he was doing. No Gates. OK, he’s probably sitting in the front yard. Nope, no Gates there either. I walked out to the sidewalk and looked down to the corner. At first I didn’t see him, and I was about to start to panic. Then he moved and I caught a glimpse of his white t-shirt. There he was, just sitting at the corner, waiting for Daddy to come home.

Indy and I walked down and coaxed him back, with the promise that Daddy would call when he was close enough for it to be ok to go wait for him. I’m not sure if he would have sat and waited the whole hour and a half or not, but I suspect he might have tried. When my husband finally called, both boys flew out of the door, bare feet pattering down the sidewalk, eager to see their Daddy.

Lately I’ve heard several friends comment on how they cannot wait to get to heaven. It isn’t that their life here is bad; it is just that they are so eager to see God face to face. I’ll confess, I’m not at that point yet. But what would it be like, I wonder, if I were that eager to see my Father? What if every part of me was so focused on seeing him that everything else became secondary? Would I fly to him with the same joy with which my boys flew to meet their Daddy? What would it be like to wait with that level of anticipation and longing? Not giving up, not being distracted by other things, but eagerly waiting for the moment my Father turns the corner to come for me.

Lord, put that kind of anticipation in my heart. The kind of anticipation that doesn’t hold back, but waits with eager readiness. Give me a longing to see your face, a longing to spend time with you each day in your Word. Help me to approach you with the eagerness of a child running to meet her Father.



  1. I really love you weave your thoughts into eloquent words. You have a gift

  2. Buckle your seatbelt, Your Abba Father will answer that prayer! Beautifully prayed.

    At my house I’m the one whining and crying at 3:00pm and asking when is Daddy gonna be home? Maybe I could wait on the corner for 3 hours? Nah, probably not.

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