Posted by: graceunbound | August 1, 2008

One year

One year ago I began my journey as a stay at home mom. What a year of ups and downs. Downs of depression and anxiety, of wondering if my boys would be better off without me. Ups of days that are filled with kisses and hugs, of Indy lunging for me and wrapping himself so tightly around me that I can’t pry him loose (and why would I want to?).

Today is simply a day to be thankful. A day to realize how blessed I truly am.

I’ve said it before, but I am blessed to have been given the perfect work at home job.

I am blessed to be able to drop Gates off at school in the morning, and to see his face light up when I come to pick him up in the afternoon.

I am blessed to have time and energy to just be silly with them, to lay on the floor in a mound of tickles and hugs, laughing until my face hurts.

I am blessed to witness the day to day unfolding of their growth, to watch them learn new things, to conquer fears, and to grow in wisdom and empathy.

I am blessed to be able to give them freedom to be themselves in their own space.

I am blessed with lazy summer days of watching Indy play for hours in the sandbox, creating stories and dreams.

I am blessed with a husband who was willing to take the risks involved in letting me follow this dream.

Above all, I am blessed with a God who knows and cares about the deepest desires of our heart. Sometimes his answer is “wait” or “not yet”. But when he finally says “now,” it is so marvelous to watch that dream burst through the surface of the ground and begin to flower.

Today my prayer for all of you is that you hold onto the deepest dreams of your heart. Even when it seems as if God has forgotten you, when it seems as if you will be stuck where you are forever, hold on to your dream. Someday God will whisper, “Remember that dream? It’s time to pull it out again.”

God is faithful.



  1. That is amazing!!

  2. I was a SAHM while my children were young. Whatever sacrifices were made during those years was and is worth it.
    Congratulations on a year you will always treasure. I pray you have many more.

  3. What an important and worthwhile job we do! There are days that are difficult, but being with our kids as they grow up is such a gift. I am thankful for all the little things I get to experience with them each day.

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