Posted by: graceunbound | August 19, 2008


Yesterday Gates started back to school; he was incredibly excited to be going to first grade, I’m not sure if it was because he loves school so much, or if he just wanted to get away from Indy’s constant tormenting. It was a good day, according to him, although apparently they didn’t learn much and they aren’t doing math this year because math is only for kindergarten. He’s in for a shock, I think.

Transitions happen, they are part of life, part of growing up, moving on, maturing. Gates is already looking forward to second grade. I think that if you asked him, he would probably tell you he didn’t really learn much in kindergarten, because we almost never realize what we are learning while we are in the middle of learning it. And then one day we look back and what used to be a chore has turned into something that we KNOW. Think about it. Does anyone remember struggling to add even basic numbers? 1+1=2. 2+2=4. And so on. It seemed like the biggest thing in the world when we were young, and now, well, I would hope that most of us could spout those numbers off without even thinking.

Spiritually we go through transitions too. The things that we struggled with one day become the things that we KNOW on another. I think back to when I first started this blog, struggling with understanding what grace was, struggling to believe that grace could extend to me. And yet, without me even realizing it, transition happened. I find grace moving more and more freely through my life. And just as we move on from 1+1, I’m ready to move on even deeper into grace, into not only understanding it for myself, but displaying it to others. When grace is unbound in our lives it has to move outward, spilling over to those around us.

I hope that you will continue with my on my journey, as I continue to explore grace and seek to find how God wants me to display it in my life. Now that the last hectic weeks of summer are over I hope to be blogging more regularly again; thanks to those who have stuck around even through infrequent posting.



  1. There are many struggles in life as we learn and yet it is so nice to look back and see the accomplishments. Sometimes I feel like I am not learning what I need to learn but then I realize I am still a work in progress and I know more today than yesterday.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  2. There has never been a post of your that I have read that has not touched my heart. This was beautifully written as always and so true. I adore your writing style.

  3. There are so many facets to grace and I hope I never tire of searching deep for them.

    I truly love the title of your blog, it denotes freedom in Him. Which is what He desires most for us!

  4. I’ve stuck around, perhaps for selfish reasons. Your writing always speaks to my heart, and I am thankful for what you have to share and teach. The frequency really doesn’t matter as much as speaking what is on your heart. Thanks for sharing so beautifully.

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