Posted by: graceunbound | September 2, 2008

Update on Gates

Thanks to those who commented on my last post, as well as to those who said a prayer even if they didn’t comment.

We now know…well, nothing more than we did before the appointment really. The doctor affirmed that I was correct to trust my instinct, that there are some issues there we just don’t know specifically what they are. She has ordered testing through the school system to rule out autism/Aspergers or PDD-NOS. It’s possible that he may be somewhere on the autism spectrum, but because he is bright she feels that with good teaching in social and behavioral skills he will do just fine in life. It’s also possible that he is slightly ADHD, but again he seems to be handling it well and it isn’t getting in the way of his learning. If it does we can consider medication, but for now it is not necessary.

So, I still have a quirky kid who lights up my life and makes me want to tear my hair out at the same time. Ultimately whatever she had said, and whatever the final results of testing with the school and lab testing of his chromosomes for Fragile X syndrome turn out to be, he is still my deeply loved and cherished child.

Funny how I find it possible to love him flaws, quirks and all and yet struggle sometimes to believe that God’s love for me is even greater, even more constant.



  1. I will keep you in my prayers and little Gates.

  2. Sometimes our quirky kids are easiest to love. My ‘typical’ child gave me most of my bald spots, not my FAS son.
    Life is fun.
    Continuing to pray for you.

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