Posted by: graceunbound | September 28, 2008


“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3 (NIV)

It’s been quite a week, both on the home front and for the nation.

Big picture; the market is falling, banks and lenders are failing and the government is getting ready to bail them out to the tune of more money than I can comprehend. A lot of people are afraid. Afraid for their jobs, their homes, their ability to sustain their lifestyle or even simply to survive. It would be so easy to get wrapped up in fear, to start beating myself over the head for quitting my job, to worry about what is going to happen next week, next month, next year. Will the economy collapse? Will we be able to put food on the table and gas in the cars? Just how secure are we?

Little picture; my husband has been gone for the past several days. He is (shhhhh…a NASCAR fan) off in Kansas City until tonight. Last year I fell apart when he left. Out of control anxiety; certain I couldn’t handle the boys myself for the few days he would be gone. I could feel it starting again at the beginning of the week. Oh no, I’m going to be on my own; I’m not capable of doing this! And then that verse popped into my mind. “You will keep in perfect peace…” Every time the anxiety started to bubble up I would remind myself, “Perfect peace. I’ve been promised perfect peace.” You will notice that the verse doesn’t say “You will make everything peaceful for him whose mind is fixed on you.” I can assure you, it has been less than peaceful around here. Temper tantrums, backtalk, thrown books and metal tractors, biting, kicking, wailing, and the ultimate insult from an almost 4-year old; “You, you, you, big TIGER you.” Not peaceful. And yet, I’ve been at peace. I don’t know if I’ve handled every situation as gracefully as I could have, but the weekend is ending with me feeling that I’ve been successful.

Back to the big picture. I could let anxiety rule my life until the economy settles back down, but that could mean a very long time of expending my energy on something that is out of my hands. So once again I remind myself, “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.” Bottom line, I trust God. I trust him that whatever comes he will help me to handle it. He may not make it easy, I may be overwhelmed and exhausted by whatever is to come, but he WILL keep me in perfect peace.

How wonderful to know that no matter what happens, I have a God who gives peace. Perfect peace, the kind that can’t be bought or sold.

Lord, help me to keep my mind steadfastly fixed on you. Help me to trust in you even when everything seems to be falling apart. Keep me in perfect peace, now and always.



  1. Thank-you for this blog i need to print it out and be reminded each day before my anxiety eats me alive! Love the insult – he had big feelings that day. (((HUG)))

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