Posted by: graceunbound | October 5, 2008

Some days…

Some days I ask God, “Why me? Why did you give me these particular children? Why did you have to give me the ones that are so difficult to parent at times? I don’t know what I’m doing, Lord. Why couldn’t you have given me the easy variety? Someone sweet, who only causes a little bit of trouble every now and then. Why do I get one who throws a screaming melt-down while we wait to pick up his brother from school, and one who tries to throw a chair in Sunday School? I’m not equipped for this Lord, I can’t handle it.”

And the only answer I get from Him is, “It’s only by giving grace over and over and over that you are ever going to begin to understand the magnitude of grace that I have given you. Trust me. I gave you exactly the right children. This isn’t about your image as a perfect parent, it’s about Me displaying My grace through you.”

Some days I wish God gave easier answers.



  1. Me too my friend, me too. Beautiful as always

  2. Easier answers – Yes!
    Sometimes when I ask similar questions He just says “Because I Love You!”

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