Posted by: graceunbound | October 12, 2008

The rubber stamp

The other day Indy had fun helping me in my office because I let him use the Holy Grail of office equipment (to him)…the rubber stamp. Yes indeed, position that thing over the line on the check (with my help), press down hard and ‘ka-thunk’ a perfect signature comes out. Every single time. John X. John X. John X. It isn’t my signature, I’m not responsible for this check, John X is. I don’t even have to think about it.

There have been times in my life when I let someone else become my rubber stamp. I didn’t have to think about anything, bear any responsibility for my own choices or thoughts because I just grabbed what that person said and ‘ka-thunk’ a perfect replica of their thoughts became my own. The problem with that is that sometimes deep inside I’d think “well, that doesn’t feel quite right”. But these were spiritual leaders, trusted friends, ‘very smart people’. Surely they had to be right, and I, with all my uncertainties, fears and questions, had to be wrong.

And then, gradually, I began to change. I wasn’t quite so quick to use that rubber stamp of approval for everything.  I began to question. After a while I even began to argue when I knew I was right. I soon found that there were two types of people in my life; those who resented any questioning that implied disagreement, and those that welcomed the stretching and growth that questioning is supposed to bring.

Real growth comes from looking at the thoughts and attitudes you’ve taken on and deciding for yourself; does this fit me? Does it mesh with my ideals? What does God have to say about the matter? Sometimes it takes some digging. It takes digging into Scripture with the desire to hear from God. It takes digging into history, digging into the news, expanding your knowledge. At work sometimes it takes digging into the governing regulations of your profession.

I am slowly growing. Sometimes my failure to rubber stamp those in authority ruffles feathers, sometimes it gets me in trouble. Sometimes it shows me when it is time to leave a situation. 

We will not always be in agreement with every single thing that someone says. We can disagree about politics, we can disagree about economics, we can disagree about what color to paint the walls. It is a beautiful thing to be part of a group of people who can disagree with respect and even with love.

Today, don’t be afraid to tackle the big questions. Start asking yourself WHY you believe what you do. Dig deep, put down roots, grow.


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