Posted by: graceunbound | November 9, 2008

A set of housekeeping haiku

Vacuum cleaner

Tumbles from precarious spot at stair top




Bending to grab it in mid-stride head connects with doorframe



And so I pose to you the question…is it healthier to have a clean house or a dirty house? Because right now I’m falling on the ‘dirty’ side of things myself. Cleaning seems to come with hazards all its own. Physical injury aside (don’t ever assume that my blog title implies gracefulness of movement) there are all of those WARNING THIS PRODUCT COULD KILL YOU labels that are on most household cleaners. (I’m finding that baking soda and vinegar work pretty well.)

At the same time, I’m really enjoying the sparkle that my house is taking on, and I’m finding the external motivation to clean (I joined an online cleaning challenge) is helping with the seasonal depression that is doing its best to weigh me down.

I know, this is a light and trivial post. Some days trivial is all I can muster. Some days I have to laugh at myself or I’ll cry. I’m still slogging along in the desire to become more fully who God wants me to be, more fully stamped with his image but some days I wonder if I’ll ever get there.



  1. I’m slogging along too, but I am confident that we will get there. Bruises and all.

  2. I tend to think the pain is worth a clean house.. yet I do have a little OCD about it so take it with a grain of salt.

  3. Speaking SAD if you want to help us paint our living room a brighter color let the Mrs. know 🙂 She has told me it’s too dark on the North side of the house in winter and I am to paint it. Of course if she finds I am dodging a honey-do chore…

    And cleaning…the fireplace is absolutely a disaster as far as that goes. Have to choose – fire & lots of dust. etc. or no fire…fire wins.

  4. Sure, I’ll get right on that…right after I paint our bathroom that I’ve been putting off for about 3 years. (Previous homeowners had a love of mustard yellow-brown, I don’t know why.)

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