Posted by: graceunbound | November 30, 2008

Light housekeeping

Just a short, light blog post today; the doctor said the muscle relaxers for my still-hurting back would make me drowsy, he didn’t say they would fill my head with fuzz and render me uncapable of completing the blog post I originally intended to write.

I said awhile back I wasn’t going to do awards or recognitions or anything of the sort, because I know myself and I know soon it would become about seeing who would tag me next. Also because I like flow and don’t want to disrupt it. But sometimes, just sometimes, it is nice to slip a little fun in here. So, when I found out that Ronel at Mommy Accountability had tagged me with this award, well, I just had to accept, because she is a sweetheart.


In order to fulfill the terms of this award I must first list 5 addictions. Only 5? Wow, make it tough, will you?

In no particular order:

1. Coffee. Make it 3/4 decaf, but I simply must have it. I love the smell, the feel of holding the warm cup, the routine of preparing it every morning.

2. My family. I simply couldn’t live without them, therefore I must be addicted to them.

3. Growth. I can’t stagnate. I want to grow, especially spiritually. I’ve been on such an exciting path this year and in looking back and seeing how far I’ve come I want to draw even closer to the heart of God. I’m learning how essential prayer and study are to this, and I’m drawn in ways I never have been before.

4. Jelly Bellies. Sad to say. I’m trying to cut them out, there is nothing remotely redeeming about them other than that they taste so good, each little bean a flavor experience of its own; the mystery of reaching into a bag and never knowing what will come out next. Yep, addicted.

5. Healthy eating. Yes…I KNOW I’m being contradictory, but other than my Jelly Belly lapses, I’m addicted to label reading, preparing food from the most basic ingredients that I can start with, and trying to avoid too many chemicals or additives. From planting my own garden to capturing my own sourdough strain, I am learning to love finding out just what I can do in the kitchen.

And now, for the second part of the terms, I must list 5 blogs that I think are fabulous. So, again, in no particular order:

1. Jolanthe at No Ordinary Moments. I love her sense of humor, she can almost always make me laugh with something her children have said or done, or just the quandry of how to cook the turkey.

2. Jennifer at Conversion Diary. She makes me think, she makes me laugh. She is the perfect blend of all things bloggy.

3. Ashley at Simple Gifts. I find her blog both beautiful and inspiring. Many times I want to post a comment but I’d have to sign up for Blogger first and I’m too lazy. 🙂

4. Dlyn. The photos, the commentary, the recipes. Oh, and a dog that talks. What’s not to love?

5. The pressure’s on…who to pick for #5? You know what? This one is for all those bloggers out there still trying to find their voice, still figuring out how to make their blog sing. Or simply trying to figure out their blogging program. We are one big, crazy interconncted group and I love stumbling into other blogs and finding that glint of inspiration, that deep belly laugh, that quiet moment of thoughtfulness. We are all fabulous in our own way. So here’s to you. Keep blogging.

And now, instead of the homemade from scratch potato soup that was on my list, I’m going to go pop some popcorn for the boys, because there is a bed with my name on it, and on that bed there is a heating pad with my name on it and I intend to make use of it.

I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) to start a series contemplating Advent.




  1. I am glad you accepted. I hope you had a great thanksgiving.

    Have a good day!!


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