Posted by: graceunbound | January 5, 2009


OK, a lot of you are seeing this twice because you are coming here from there, but for those who haven’t, Angela at Becoming Me is celebrating her birthday this week and she’s got prizes!


Now, I don’t often join in on things like this, but first, how can I NOT join in after she named me her blog of the month, and second…it’s my birthday week as well! (Sorry, I have no prizes…) So I’m just going to trail along in the wake of her party and celebrate also.

We need times of celebration in our lives. Times when we kick back, stop taking ourselves so seriously and just have fun. I think that is why children really enjoy birthdays and Christmas so much. Sure, they like the presents but have you ever noticed that even if they don’t get anything they asked for they are still excited? I think it is because they go into the day with an attitude of celebration, an idea that the day is special and good things are going to happen.

Somewhere along the line I stopped really celebrating my birthday. Maybe it was when I hit my 30’s. (Although my 30th birthday was one of the most memorable, it was the day I started back to school for my accounting degree and trekked all over campus in the cold rain, caught a cold and then that weekend had my friends catch me totally off guard by throwing a surprise birthday party, the only one I’ve ever had.) As I slid further and further into my 30’s, got married, had children, celebrating my birthday didn’t seem so important. Last year I hit (shhhh…40) and preferred not to even notice it.

This year I think I’m going to take a page from the kids’ handbook on how to live life. I’m going to celebrate! I have no idea what that means. But if I have to stand in the middle of the kitchen and sing happy birthday to myself, then I’m going to do it! So what if it means I’m another year older? I’ll only be one day older than I was the day before. AND (don’t hit me) I have no wrinkles and no grey hair yet so I’m doing pretty well for myself, I think.

This year I am going to go into the day with the thankfulness that I have lived another year and with joyful anticipation that anything can happen in the year to come. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate EVERY day.



  1. Thank you so much for posting this! And I love your outlook. Your B-day is the 9th, right?

  2. 11th, the day after you.

  3. Great outlook!! Happy Early Birthday!!

    Be sure to dance, sing and celebrate this amazing birthday!!

  4. I’m so happy to know your birthday! I would send you a card. . . if I knew where you lived. Will telling you happy birthday be enough? I’ll celebrate with you from home!

    I LOVE my birthday and you know I love the gifts. But the celebrating is what really makes me happy, especially when it’s with good friends and family. I hope your week is full of celebrating the last (41) years and the ones to come.

  5. Yes, simply telling me happy birthday will be quite enough! 🙂 Thank you!

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