Posted by: graceunbound | January 18, 2009


All right, I confess, I have been very remiss in blogging this week. It has been a busy week with work and every time I sit down to try to write my brain collapses into a pile of mush. Someone on another blog (I think it was Jennifer at Conversion Diary) said that the surest way to notice everything around your house that needs to be done is to sit down to write. I can attest to the truth of that, and yet my house is not nearly as clean as you would think it would be…oh wait, I have two small live-in tornados.

Of course every time I sit and stare at a blank screen just begging to be filled with words I think, “Is this it? Have I reached the end of what I know to write about?” Does anyone remember the old commercial for who knows what where the guy is surfing the internet and comes to a screen that says “You have reached the end of the internet.” No? Just me? Ok then, moving along…

I think that it would be just about as impossible to truly reach the end of everything there is to write about as it would be to reach the end of the internet. Life continues to happen and as I told someone this week “If I get a blank look on my face it probably means something has grabbed my fancy and I’m writing in my head.” (In grade school they called it daydreaming and I often got in trouble for it.)

So far this has been a month of stretching, of exploring dreams and testing my abilities. I’ve learned that I can, in fact, cook dinner for over sixty people and do it well enough that they come back for seconds (granted, I have very carefully written step-by-step instructions on how and when to do everything…except for the measurements needed). Thanks to our Life Keys gifts discovery class at church I am discovering that there is a reason I hated auditing with a passion normally reserved for spiders and other creepy insects. I am learning that I’m more creative than I think I am. (My problem is that I’m a creative perfectionist…) I am learning patience in waiting and trust in God as I wait for the meeting with Gates’ Aspergers assessment team to find out the results of their testing. (January 30th is the big day.) And, I’m learning balance as I try to create space in my life for everything that is important.

Somewhere in all that mess I am sure there are more blog posts waiting to happen. And if not, well, come visit me for coffee instead as I am sure my house will be very clean!



  1. Yeah! About that play date……….. 🙂

  2. Your ramblings are incredibly eloquent!

    I love gifts inventories-they can tell so much about ourselves that we already knew but couldn’t necessarily put into words. Put that creativity to good use (I think you’ll do it in writing!) and lay aside the perfectionism for a day. I think you’ll be surprised how great it is.

    I would come for coffee NOW if I could. And if we could stay inside. I hate the cold!

  3. I enjoyed your post today and I sipped on my coffee. I too am a perfectionist and I am trying to let go of the control… although it can be tough at times.

    Have a good day!!

  4. I liked the ramblings! I’ve often gone through spurts where there is so much in my head, so much the Lord is teaching me, waiting to put put down in writing, and yet I get the blank screen. Usually I just interpret that as His direction that for now, He wants those thoughts to remain between He and me because there is still much work to do. 🙂

    But yes… even your ramblings are eloquent. God bless!

  5. Ohhh i related…except I do have about 12 blog posts in my mind and I am beginning to understand why so many writers have gone insane

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