Posted by: graceunbound | January 21, 2009

‘That’ woman

Yeah, you know her. You secretly cringe when you hear her mentioned. In your mind you count the number of ways you just don’t measure up to her. She’s got great clothes and you’re knocking about in your sweats. She’s an entrepreneur, a real estate investor, and a philanthropist; her husband is highly respected in the community. She’s got it all. She’s also got servants. Yeah, you got it. I’m talking about HER; the Proverbs 31 woman.

This woman is a dynamo, charging through life running her own business, cooking, gardening, shopping, sewing and who knows what else. I read the list and think “I cannot possibly begin to measure up to this woman!” I forget about everything that I accomplish in my frustration over not being able to be HER.

Let’s not forget something in our rush to measure ourselves against her. She’s fictional. At least, I am going to assume she is; in the context of the entire chapter this woman is the type of woman some father is telling his son he should be looking for. My boys are still young, but I imagine that as they get older we will have a very idealized picture of the sort of woman we would like them to find. A nice idea to aim for, but in reality no one is perfect, not even the Proverbs 31 woman.

So today, as I sit here at my desk filled with work that I’m falling behind on, with arms that feel more like limp noodles than ‘strong to the task’, with a family who is destined to be clothed in sweatpants tomorrow unless I get some laundry done, I’m going to be glad for the things I did accomplish. I did get up this morning. (Really, this is more of a feat than you realize given the killer workout I unwittingly did two days ago.) I did manage to feed my children breakfast. Yes, it was toast and a banana, but I FED them. I did get Gates to school on time, and I did make a second trip back to take him his forgotten library books. I did get all of my sales tax payments made yesterday even if it meant working until 9:30.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to others, whether they are fictional or living next door. Stop. Take a moment to consider what you do. What would be YOUR list of accomplishments for the day? Write them down, no matter how mundane they seem to you. Look at it and realize just how much you really do; realize just how important you are to those who matter in your life. Be at peace with yourself.

(OK, now I can add ‘squeezed in a blog post’ to my list for the day. Since I can’t seem to find my servant girls I guess I will have to go clean my kitchen myself.”



  1. This is a phenomenal post that every woman I know should read!!!

  2. Love it!!! This is such a great post. I think about that woman often yet I too remind myself she is something to admire yet not strive for… I will make my list today and reflect on what I did accomplish instead of what I didn’t accomplish.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Oh, posted a comment on a blog that touched my heart… check!! πŸ™‚

  4. Living with comparisons is SO not fun. I’m thankful to be me. To be living and learning and growing each day… to be striving for an ideal, but satisfied with the work the Lord is doing in me NOW. πŸ™‚

  5. I never thought of her in that way…excellent post my friend.

  6. YOu know that’s not a bad idea. I think i might make a list tommorow. It will be a short list…but a list none the less. I hope to get something accomplished.

  7. Wonderful, again!
    And as one who has experienced some of those killer workouts, I applaud you for getting out of bed. *big grin*
    Years ago I was in MOPS and my absolute favorite “line” from any of our speakers was this, “Comparison is the killer of contentment.” I’ve been repeating that one to myself for years.

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