Posted by: graceunbound | January 30, 2009

Random facts

I’m coming down to the final push for work, hopefully after this week I will be back to blogging more regularly. So, because I have nothing else to write today, I thought I’d post the 25 random facts about me that I kept getting tagged to post over on Facebook.

1. I overthink the word ‘random’.

2. When we got married I made my husband promise to never ask me to move to South Dakota. He kept his promise.

3. Moving to South Dakota has been one of the best decisions we ever made.

4. I still hate cold and snow, but it is better than ice.

5. I used to go hiking or go hang out in the mountains almost every weekend. Not getting to do that anymore makes me feel like there is a piece of me that is missing.

6. I passed the CPA exam on the first try.

7. I happily tossed away all that work to stay home with my boys; another decision that I don’t regret in the least.

8. I really, really hated auditing.

9. I aspire to be a writer. This is probably the reason for #8.

10. Parenting a child with developmental delays is emotionally exhausting.

11. I don’t think any parent with a neurotypical child can truly understand the joy and pride I feel when I see Gates conquer something that has been an issue. I cried the first time he spontaneously said “I love you.”

12. It turns out that I really, really love cooking, especially with whole foods and natural ingredients; I’m not a fan of processed foods (but I still buy them sometimes).

13. I have a garden.

14. I strive to be environmentally conscious.

15. As soon as I quit work I switched Indy to cloth diapers and wish I had made the switch sooner. I think every family should try them, they are much easier than you think. (And CUTE!)

16. I want every woman who has ever had or ever will have a child to know that postpartum mood disorders cover more than just depression.

17. Looking back over my life I can see what an awesome testament it is to the grace of God, even (especially) the difficult times and stupid choices I made.

18. My husband is an incredible gift of grace to me. I still maintain that I have the best husband EVER.

19. I’ve lived in my house for 3 1/2 years and still haven’t hung pictures on most of the walls. I’m waiting for the ‘perfect’ picture.

20. Legos confuse me.

21. I took (and was good at) several programming languages in college, but have to count on my husband to program the DVR or VCR.

22. I love to read, and will sometimes stay up late trying to read but I always end up falling asleep on the couch within 20 minutes.

23. I could say that I have regrets about the past, but while there are things that make me sad, they are also things that have shaped who I am and I trust that God will use them for something beautiful someday.

24. My best friend tells me I have everyone fooled into thinking I am a quiet person, but she knows better. 🙂

25. I’m really, really debating a second cup of coffee right now. (OK, that one was a stretch)

I hope everyone has a great weekend; I’ll be back tomorrow with a post for “Then Sings My Soul Saturday”



  1. Great list!!!

  2. oooh, i love lists.

  3. LOL, love the two about South Dakota – God has such a sense of humor and He is always right 🙂

  4. A fun way to get to know you a bit!
    I have been tagged a ton for this on FB, too. I’ll be posting my random facts Tuesday. Great minds…right? *grin*

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