Posted by: graceunbound | February 28, 2009

The real me


I got my hair cut yesterday. Just the standard trim and my normal style was what I was planning on. And then I looked over at the woman in the chair next to me. She had a similar haircut just a little shorter and I watched as the hairdresser styled her hair into a funky head of curls. Ah, curls. The dream of my heart. No perm has ever provided me with the curls of my dreams, no hair product has ever delivered the ability to turn my straight hair into glorious waves and ringlets. “I want curls,” I sighed wistfully as she left the salon.

“Well then, I’ll give you curls!” my hairdresser responded. Same cut as always, but when she was finished she pulled out the curling iron and about five different products and proceeded to give me a head full of springy, funky curls. I loved it.

And then I went to pick up Gates from school. As he approached the care he stared. He grinned. And then he cried (almost). “Don’t you like it?” I asked.

“No,” he answered, chin quivering and eyes filling with sadness. “I want to see the real you.”

Ah, the honesty of children. A haircut may not necessarily show or hide the real me, but it’s nice to know he loves me with my ordinary straight hair and all.

As I thought about his comments I couldn’t help but think of the Natalie Grant song “The Real Me”. And I thought about just how far I’ve come in letting the real me shine through. No hiding, no pretending; I’ve been trying to live my life as much in the reality of who God created me to be as I possibly can. That’s my song for today, “The Real Me.” A reminder of the damage we do to ourselves when we try to live up to an image, to be something or someone we aren’t. A reminder that our Father sees who we really are and in his eyes we are beautiful.

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  1. What a beautiful song and truth!

  2. I have curly thick hair and would love some straight hair that layed just so and no frizz!!!
    Oh well…
    I haven’t heard this song in a while! So glad He sees the real me and loves me anyhow!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. This is such a battle for so many including me…we have failed to realize that we are indeed beautiful to God and He did not make a mistake with us!!

  4. I’ve always felt like I was getting to know the real you. I’m so glad. I love the song. The lyrics are some of my favorites.

    And I want to see a picture of your curly hair!

    p.s. I saw your comment, but I don’t know how to e-mail you. Anyway, you are so wrong! It’s not #3:)

  5. I LOVED this and you know me well enough to know that I don’t even have to explain all the reasons why.

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