Posted by: graceunbound | March 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


After an initial spate in which I felt energized and had lots of ideas, this week has obviously hit another dry spell for me. That and I’ve been busy getting payroll out which, when it comes down to it is probably a little more important than getting blog posts written. So, to jump start my brain a little I’m participating in 7 Quick Takes Friday, hosted by Jennifer at Conversion Diary. If you’ve never read her, she is a must read…although don’t expect a lot of new stuff from her right now because she just had a baby on Monday. Congratulations, Jennifer!

Basically, 7 QTF is my excuse to ramble, yay! Without further preamble, here are my 7:


I never realized just how dependent I am on my computer for everything until the monitor burned out Thursday morning. Granted, there’s another computer downstairs, but I’m too lazy to go down there, I like the convenience of my work computer with all of my links right at my fingertips. As I was going about my morning, trying to get ready to head out to buy another monitor (because of the aforementioned payroll, which I had unfortunately NOT printed out when I finished it on Wednesday, thus necessitating the urgency of the matter) I realized just how often the urge to flit over to my computer to look something up strikes me. “Ooh, today is LL Bean’s Thursday Markdown, I wonder if they have any coats or boots on sale for the kids”…oh, wait, no computer. “Hmm, the temperature is NOT warming up like they said it would, I wonder if the high temp for today has been revised”…oh, wait, no computer. “Hey, today is new list day for the Grocery Game. I wonder what’s on sale this week.” Oh, that’s right, no computer. I wonder how much time I would save if I wrote down everything that seemed urgent and then did all my computer viewing in one chunk.


Speaking of the Grocery Game, I think I’m getting addicted to couponing. I’m not finding that the Grocery Game works particularly well for our area (probably lack of multiple grocery chains to choose from), or for the way we eat (minimal processed foods), but it’s nice to know at a glance what all the good sales are so that I can stock up on meat, canned tomatoes, fresh veggies and stuff like that. The added benefit is that I’m finding a way that I can stretch our limited dollars to help even in the midst of this economy. By careful perusal of my coupons and different websites that tell you where the best deals are each week I am learning how to get some things for almost FREE! Especially toiletries like disposable razors, shaving lotions, soaps, toothpaste, etc. I’m throwing them into a box and when I get enough I will take them to whichever shelter says they could use them. I’m also not passing up great deals on things I wouldn’t eat (I’m looking at you, Tuna Helper), instead they go into the food pantry box. It’s nice to know that even on our budget we can still help others.


Today is an early dismissal day at school. This is the first one they’ve had this year. Am I the only parent out there who wonders if I will forget to pick up my child on an early dismissal day?


Gates has a new passion. Or rather, a name for his old passion. They are studying scientists in first grade (hmm, what would one call the study of scientists…scientology?) and he is quite happy to say that he wants to be an astronomer. I guess that is a step up from his desire to be a NASCAR driver…for just one race before he pursues his career as a firefighter. Somehow I think I will not be enormously surprised if he does turn out to be an astronomer. This morning as we were playing and I was chasing him he said “You can’t get me, mommy, I’m Jupiter and I have no solid landing place.” How does one argue with a planet?


He might instead (or in addition) become a science fiction writer. This is the story he wrote at school this week:

“Space is in danger. You must travel through space. Go now good luck. It is at the wormhole you will go in it so they were off. They finished it in a flash. You did it in a flash. Well you are finished. THE END.”

He has seriously embraced the concept of the wormhole. (And I am just enough of a sci-fi geek to love it!)


Oddly enough, finally getting the somewhat official diagnosis of Aspergers for him has been a blessing in disguise. I’m learning to just let him be himself when it comes to his quirks. Like sniffing everything. His food, his clothes, his books, the cardboard package that last night’s frozen fish sticks came in (hey, I’m not a TOTAL purist on the unprocessed food thing). After all, most of us have SOME quirks. He likes to sniff things and touch his hair. I’m learning to stop focusing on how other people MIGHT perceive him and just love every bit of him myself. (And there are a lot people who find him endearing…which he is. I hope he always keeps that quality.)


My husband might have been right that high pitched sounds can affect our mood. I couldn’t hear the high pitched death throes of my monitor earlier this week even though my husband could. But boy I have had a crabby and irritable week for no discernable reason. And now, new monitor, no high pitched sound and I’m feeling quite zen and peaceful. Umm, just as long as I don’t look around at the mess in my house.

There you have it, my 7 Quick Takes for this week! Hop over to Jennifer’s blog to check out some more (unbelievably enough, she managed to post today and she’s even got a baby picture up!).



  1. These are good and make me smile.

    I hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Being without a computer is like being without a car (we live out in the country). You may not want to go anywhere, but just not being able to go is aggravating.

    That is funny about the story and the wormhole. Hubby is very into scifi so I have heard the term alot. Don’t think I could say what one was, but I have heard of it.

  3. For those who are desperately wondering, a wormhole is two black holes back to back. Theoretically (in sci-fi land) one might use them to travel through space and/or time.


  4. Well, if it makes you feel any better, about your number 3, my mom forgot picking me up from school even on non-early dismissal days =0)

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