Posted by: graceunbound | March 31, 2009


The other day during a conversation one of my friends mentioned that she felt that she could never be committed to more than one thing at a time. It wasn’t that the desire isn’t there, it’s just that it seemed that she could only have one time commitment in her life at a time. She couldn’t make it work to commit to exercise, cleaning, Bible study and professional improvement at the same time. If she focused on one, the others would slide. I hope I’m interpreting her thoughts correctly, because I certainly know how that feels. (I should also add that like many women she DOES have other time commitments, volunteering several hours a week at her son’s school, working part-time, church involvement, etc.)

I’ve been pondering that this week, because I really understand where she is coming from. I want to do all of the above and I want to do them well, but it seems that as soon as I pick one thing up something else drops. I started exercising and the next thing I knew cleaning and Bible study were falling by the wayside. This week I am focusing on cleaning and although I’ve successfully managed to do both that and Bible study for two whole days in a row, exercise has not happened. And professional improvement? Well, the sorry state of my blog posting frequency speaks volumes on that. I’ve cut out huge chunks of computer time, giving up Facebook for Lent, theoretically giving up message boards even though I’ve cheated and peeked a few times, and cutting my blog reading down to the bare minimum of blogs where I feel I’ve connected with the blogger (if you comment on my blog regularly chances are you are one of the blogs I’m still reading) or blogs that I find educational in some way. And still, it seems that I have no more hours in a day to accomplish things than I did before making those cutbacks.

So, today’s post doesn’t come with any answers, it comes with a question. Do you manage to work all of the above into your schedule? How do you do it?



  1. i think commiting to lots of things at once is difficult at least for me…i do better if i add things in one at a time…that way i have a better balance i think so anyway.

  2. It is definitely work – and not always easy, but doable. I put an exercise regimin into my life back in October. After focusing on getting a start on that for a couple months, in January I created a spiritual boot camp. I focused on prayer time (spiritual health) and Bible time (mental health) and exercise (body). I blogged my results each week and while it did not go the direction I thought it would, it was a great time and I plan to do this every year.

    After putting this into a 30 day plan…. it became a sort of habit that I carried on – some weeks better than other, but still working it. 🙂

  3. When I was reading this post, I wasn’t thinking of external commitments like what we’re involved in outside our home. I was thinking about how I can only work on changing/improving one thing at a time. It’s the same thing you’re saying, I think. I can’t work on losing weight and work on having a more consistent quiet time, for example. It has to be one at a time for me. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that I get overwhelmed and want to change everything all at once, which is entirely self-defeating. So if I choose one change at a time, once that becomes a habit (about 2 weeks) I can move on to the next change. Eventually I have new habits all around. For a little while, anyway:)

    To answer your question, I don’t work all of the above into my schedule everyday. Each day has a different focus and not everything gets done everyday. They probably should, but it never happens.

    I hope I’m on the of the blogs you’re reading, because I’ll cry if I’m not.

  4. I have to live with tension that some things will suffer in which I need to be committed (or they would suffer even more) to but will not give 100% to. Presence counts as much as productivity in many cases.

    There are some things I have to be totally committed to because they have direct impact on my family. Those are priorities.

    Also I have to be committed to rest and sabbath each week. Everything’s impacted by that.

    I cannot expect anyone else to commit at the level and same things I do. Everyone is unique, so that puts less stress on me by watching my expectations of others.

    I will never be perfect, so is there one thing I can do to have joy-moment each day and embrace my god-created humanity? Still working on this. See WORKING on it. I am finite.

    Suppose Ill read this later and recant.

  5. What a good question.. and sadly I don’t think I have a good answer. I do think there is a way to work many commitments into your life however we have to leave wiggle room in our expectations. I went three full weeks of bible study & excercise in the morning, school one night a week and mom’s small group one night a week… then when my little man started getting in trouble at school I had to change my focus to him… two week later I have ben still doing bible stidy in the morning yet I haven’t worked out…

    I think finding a blance can be hard but sometimes I think I set the bar too high and I make it impossible to make it all work together.

    I guess all I did was admit I have the same problem and I didn’t answer any question…

    back to the drawing 🙂

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