Posted by: graceunbound | April 5, 2009

The Church and the Kingdom

It’s 10:05 on a Sunday morning. I’m sick with a miserable cold and staying home from church, but my husband was going to take the boys. This, however, is South Dakota. And in the last twelve hours we’ve had several inches of wet, heavy snow dumped on us. Here in town it isn’t too bad, our street isn’t plowed but it would be drivable…but first the drifts in the driveway need to be cleared. And so my husband headed out with the snowblower. And stayed out. It’s now 10:10 on a Sunday morning and he still needs to shower before leaving for church at 10:30.

I don’t think he’s going to make it. He didn’t stop with just clearing our driveway and sidewalk. First one neighbor, and then another, and then another. He uses our snowblower to help out those without one, unconcerned with the passing of time. At first I fret…”Doesn’t he know he’s going to miss church?” And then I stop. He’s missing church but quietly doing Kingdom work. Most of our neighbors don’t attend church. We’ve never had spiritual conversations with them, but I know they see us heading off or coming home from church, Bibles in hand. Today my husband is being that quiet witness to them that church isn’t just about getting together in our little club to worship God, he is willing to give that up to help out someone who needs it.

It’s 10:18 on a Sunday morning; I don’t think my family will be at church today. But I think that God is smiling.



  1. I’m home too, sitting at the computer while the baby naps and A and the big kids attend Sunday School. You already know that your husband has chosen what’s better-serving others in the name of Christ. It’s a great thing.

  2. Indeed!!!

  3. Amen! (But we still miss you!) hope the plague passes soon. BTW if Mike wants to drive over to our place after a “blizzard”. My non-christian neighbor witness to me by using their snowblower (we don’t have one) except on early Saturday or Sunday AMs.


  4. Here I am reading this a week late…but loving it! What a fabulous story…and I so agree!

  5. I think you’re right. 🙂

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