Posted by: graceunbound | April 27, 2009

Seasons, sadness and joy

This is the post I don’t want to write, the one that has been nagging at me for the past week, the one that I’ve been putting off. I need to just write it and get it done with.

When I started this blog just over a year ago it was, in a way, a personal journal of my journey, my musings about faith and life as I struggled to learn how to let grace lift me so that I could begin to soar. As I honed my mission statement it became a way of trying to encourage other women, born out of a deep desire to see women blossoming into the full potential that God has given them. I have loved this season of blogging, and it has brought me joy to see that many times my words have actually touched the hearts of other women.

However, lately I’ve been feeling that perhaps this season is over, at least for a while. I love writing, but I’m sensing that this is something that I need to give up and give back to God. Is it a dry spell? I don’t know. I keep running into other things that confirm the thoughts I’m having; the Bible Study I’m currently part of, and this post by Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer among other things. The thought of not sitting down and posting my thoughts makes me sad, but at the same time I have a peace that this isn’t the end. God has given me this gift and he will not take it away forever. I still have a passion to see other women experiencing peace in their lives and freedom in the day to day struggles that often bind us with cords of frustration, bitterness or exhaustion.

I’ve tried bargaining with God. “OK, I’ll quit posting, but can I at least do 7 Quick Takes Fridays and Then Sings My Soul Saturdays? Stuff like that?” The answer feels like ‘no’.

So, I’m stepping away indefinitely, hoping and trusting with all my heart that something good will be born out of this. I am sad, because I’ve loved sharing my thoughts, loved the process of writing something out, but there is also a freedom and joy in taking another step into the unknown. I’ll be leaving the blog up for the time being because I may return to it eventually.

I’m blessed that you have taken time out of your days to read my rambling thoughts. I WILL still be nosing around on everyone elses’ blogs. Who knows what the next season will bring? I hope that for all of you it brings sunshine, joy and peace.

Blessings to all of you,




  1. Loretta,

    May God lead you into this new season with an open heart and mind. May He continue to guide you and bless your life. I will miss your posts but I will be praying for God to lead you where ever He needs you.


  2. I’m sad to read this. I’ve loved reading your thoughts and ramblings, although I never thought you rambled. I am one of those girls that you challenged and whose heart you touched time and again. Yet you sound so peaceful about it and certain that this is what you are supposed to do for now, so that makes me feel better.

    I hope you’ll still read my ramblings (and they often are) and comment. And why not e-mail? That would be fun! You know where to find me.

  3. I will miss reading your writings for sure, but know you well enough to know that you understand when God is speaking to you and obedience is such a beautiful gift to Him.

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