Hmmm. What to say about me? First of all, to erase any confusion, my name is Loretta, not Grace! (Although if I could pick my name I think I’d pick Grace instead.) I am wife to a husband who loves me unconditionally and mother to two active boys; seven year old ‘Gates’ and four year old ‘Indy’.

I am on a life long journey of learning what it means to love and be loved by God; of learning what it means to let his grace flow through me, unbinding the areas that hold me captive, flowing on to minister to others through me. Without his grace I would be lost; his grace gives me an identity and a place in his family.

Woven around the fabric of grace are the strands of my ordinary life. My days are never empty as I learn over and over how to parent with grace and gentleness, how to treat the earth with care (including not killing fragile garden plants), and what it means to be a friend. Through it all I am learning what it means to truly be the woman God has created. My prayer is that through my writing other women would begin to see grace moving in their lives, and that they would learn to fully embrace the identity that God has created in them in both big and small ways.



  1. hey. i just wanted to say I stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed reading some of the entries. that’s a rare occasion. i may link it from my own.

    thanks. :]

  2. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed stumbling across my little corner of the universe. (Blogiverse?)

    Link away if you would like to.

  3. Hey there –

    Enjoying catching up on some of your past posts. 🙂


  4. It’s nice seeing you over here, thanks for commenting! (Have you figured out who I am yet?…I know it’s been a few years.)

  5. I found this blog when I was searching for info on my postpartum issues and have been puttering around it the past few days. It really speaks to my soul–I am so happy to have stumbled on it in all the noise of the Internet!

    Very nice! I look forward to making my way through the past posts.

  6. Welcome! I’m glad you found your way here. 🙂

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